1v1 Duel on wanderlust_V01

sat pic of wanderlust_V01
metal map of wanderlust_V01
height map of wanderlust_V01
Size 10 x 8
Wind 5 - 18
Tidal 0
Description Wanderlust. 1v1 tot 3v3 map with 3 larger metalpatches in the centre. Look at the slope map for Kbots and vehicles carefully. By FlorisXIV
Gravity 130

Date : 16.06.2019 16:14:46 (CEST)

Game: Metal Factions 1.07 (engine 104)

Map: wanderlust_V01

Length: 0:20:02

Tags: 1v1 Duel Bot Single Player

Uploaded by nebula3 on 16.06.2019 15:27:53 (CEST)

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Uploaders comment: autouploaded


Sorry. The winner could not be figured out, the match was stopped or not rated because of the presence of a bot.

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disablemapdamage: 0

ghostedbuildings: 1

maxspeed: 3

minspeed: 0.3

fixedallies: 0

limitdgun: 0

maxunits: 500