1v1 Duel on Charlie in the Hills v2.1

sat pic of Charlie in the Hills v2.1
metal map of Charlie in the Hills v2.1
height map of Charlie in the Hills v2.1
Size 16 x 16
Wind 2 - 22
Tidal 20
Description 4v4. Slug it out in the middle, but watch for planes! By ralphie
Gravity 130

Date : 24.08.2016 17:14:25 (CEST)

Game: NOTA 1.90n (engine 102)

Map: Charlie in the Hills v2.1

Length: 0:18:51

Tags: 1v1 Duel Bot Single Player

Uploaded by notAhost9 on 24.08.2016 16:26:19 (CEST)

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Uploaders comment: autouploaded


Sorry. The winner could not be figured out, the match was stopped or not rated because of the presence of a bot.

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Bot (of BanzayIkoyama) ARM  [1]
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disablemapdamage: 0

ghostedbuildings: 1

limitdgun: 0

maxunits: 500

mission_name: none

mo_noshare: 1

noe_many_ais_mapping: 1

noe_thinking_split: 8

stupid: 0

fixedallies: 0

hilltime: 8

maxspeed: 3

minspeed: 0.3

mo_maxburrows: 40

mo_queentime: 40

noe_mapping: 1

startoptions: normal