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Game Match type Trueskill
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Game Match type Total Win Loss Undecided Ratio
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Destroying enemy resource production

1st: 6 times
2nd: 1 times
3rd: 0 times

Destroying enemy units and defences

1st: 15 times
2nd: 6 times
3rd: 1 times

Effective use of resources

1st: 14 times
2nd: 2 times
3rd: 0 times

Doing everything

3 times

Produced the most resources

9 times

Took the most damage

9 times

Slept longest

2 times
trophy    Heroes in victory    trophy

# Unit Number
1 Big Bertha 2
2 Beamson 1
3 Luger 1
4 Commander 1
rose    Lost in service    rose

# Unit Number
1 Light Laser Tower 5
2 Titan 2
3 Pomornik 1
4 Guardian 1
5 Commander 1
6 Big Bertha 1
7 Light Tesla Tower 1
8 Luger 1
trophy    Cursed Awards    trophy

# Award Earned in matches
1 trophy Total Pain 6
2 trophy Traffic Cop 3
3 trophy Turtle Shell 2
4 trophy Big Purple Heart 1
5 trophy Stun Wizard 1
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Title Date Playername Game Match Type Result Faction
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