2v2 Team on Nuclear_Winter_v1

sat pic of Nuclear_Winter_v1
metal map of Nuclear_Winter_v1
height map of Nuclear_Winter_v1
Size 20 x 12
Wind 5 - 15
Tidal 20
Description Nuclear Winter v1 - for 10-16 players. Made by [teh]Beherith
Gravity 130

Date : 20.07.2015 22:24:33 (CEST)

Game: NOTA 1.88b (engine 94)

Map: Nuclear_Winter_v1

Length: 0:59:23

Tags: 2v2 Team

Uploaded by notAhost10 on 20.07.2015 22:16:59 (CEST)

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Team 0 60.0  [10]
0 ARM  30.0  [5]
3 ARM  30.0  [5]
Team 1 65.0  [11]
1 CORE  35.0  [6]
2 ARM  30.0  [5]
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21.07.2015 09:13:00 (CEST) -- pow

Itense game. 80% of it played on T1 with dominance of kbot in middle flat battlefield. South hill was captured by JI and thor rather choosed to be involved in air early supremacy witch lasted pretty much to the end of the match. I(pow) tired to push danils hill on start but only as distraction delaying his expansion there. Middle was dominated by tanks for brief moment on start but as wreckage start to build up hammers from my side and heavy rocko from danil appeared. A bit counterproductively it made no1-zone or big hard to pass obstacle for both sides. I didnt watch thor counter-attacks on south hill but observed few partial victories. I am not sure why JI didnt secure his expansion and let half-size enemy(thor) in term of eco and unit "borrow" hill here and there. Suprisingly Danils didnt attempt to get air but give me hard time in middle constant battle. I was unable to reclaim anything as JI bots from south hill, danils evergrowing continuous spam from east and very irritating from north keep pushing and incorrectly claiming middle pile of metal for himself. There was a one big push from danil in middle and one endangering thors main base from JI magically they run out of steam just on our base "doorstep". Turning point in this game was building T2 kbots and eco. Group of 7-8 mavericks run from middle around JI base while other group killed stretched JI forces on south hill and joined massacre in JI base.

disablemapdamage: 0

ghostedbuildings: 1

limitdgun: 0

maxunits: 350

mission_name: none

mo_noshare: 1

noe_many_ais_mapping: 1

noe_thinking_split: 8

stupid: 0

fixedallies: 0

hilltime: 8

maxspeed: 3

minspeed: 0.3

mo_maxburrows: 40

mo_queentime: 40

noe_mapping: 1

startoptions: normal

teamcom: 1